Some Long Lost Spacemonster

posted Oct 31, 2011, 9:00 PM by Bryn Moslow   [ updated Nov 1, 2011, 12:57 PM ]
I've been working on and off importing a huge box of old cassette tapes into digital recordings. I had been bummed before that final mixes of a Spacemonster studio session had not made it into my digital library. I had some quick mixes that were run off right after we finished the studio work and before sitting down and tweaking the mix but not the final recordings. 

This session happened during my time with the band Joybang. Spacemonster had suffered a partial break-up beforehand. Dave (other guitar and vocals) had left the band months before, about a week before a gig and I was forced to come up with my own lyrics for several songs and start singing them only a few practices before the show. It was pretty bad except for the couple of songs that I had already been the lead vocal on. Shortly after a couple of struggling shows, Larry went off to college and Mark moved on. I started playing with Joybang but we had a few songs that were mostly written after the previous Spacemonster studio album, "Thing". A few of these ended up on the basement-forged recording called "Escape Attempt" but the quality was the best I could do with a big boom box's condenser microphones and a four track layering mix. 

I decided that I wanted to go into the studio and at least get my favorites down for posterity. Larry and I borrowed Bob from Joybang to play bass and went into Audio Magic in Buffalo, NY. The one thing I regret about the recording is the overuse of some effects, especially on the vocals. There's a very unfortunate use of a pitch shifter on the final mix of "Cleaning" for instance. But, for what it's worth now, here's the recording set on Soundcloud, appropriately titled "Posterity" (the original name was "Something or Other"):