Fix Windows 7 Freeze on MacBook Pro

posted Sep 2, 2010, 9:58 PM by Bryn Moslow   [ updated Aug 12, 2011, 12:28 AM ]

Holy annoying. The Nvidia 9600M driver Apple is shipping with Boot Camp is broken. The behavior was that the system just freezes, no blue screen, no crash, just insta-freeze. Here's the link to the solution I found:

My MBP has been running for the last 6 hours with no freezes and that's about 5 hours and 45 minutes longer than before. Just grab the latest driver from Nvidia and run the installer. It will fail and say that no compatible hardware was found but you should have the files now in C:\Nvidia or wherever you saved them. 

Here's a reprint in case the post goes away:

When you run the NVidia installer it will create a directory with the uncompressed driver package (default is C:\Nvidia). Once the installer failed go to:


Look for NVAO.INF and edit it with Notepad. Search for all instances of "00BC106B" and replace it with "00B0106B". As far as I remember there were three entries in total. Save that back.

Then go up one directory (International) and run the Setup.exe. Should work now.

If it does not work you have to check your GPU's "Hardware ID" via Windows' Device-Manager too see if it uses another SUBSYS string (different builds of Macbooks seem to come with different revisions or maybe just chips from different factories).