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01/08: Huge Changes in Vista Make it More Secure, Not

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One of the selling points of Windows Vista was that it was "more secure" than Windows XP or previous Windows Operating Systems. If this is the case wouldn't it stand to reason that there should be many more security updates for Windows XP than Windows Vista? Instead, it appears as though Microsoft is going nearly 1:1 with the *same* security updates for Vista, XP, 2003, and even Windows 2000. Yet another month's updates are set to roll out, and yet again the same vulnerability affects all the supported platforms. I'm calling bullshit.

See the Affected Software section. Granted the Vista advisories are listed as "moderate" instead of "critical", but if we're par for the course they're subjectively listed that way because most likely it's only "critical" if you run as administrator on your desktop with the Vista User Access Control (UAC) turned off... which most people I know with Vista do.