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12/25: R.I.P. The Godfather of Soul

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James Brown.

To much soul for one man.

12/05: The war is over and Linux won

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At least according to

11/10: Crapometrics

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YouTube - MythBusters - Hacking a fingerprint scanner

I've also read an online report finding the Thinkpad scanner can be defeated with silly putty or scotch tape.

11/09: Downtown Bellevue is getting a Wi-Fi Network

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11/06: HBO "Hacking Democracy" Special Online

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I'm not sure how long it will be up, I'd urge you to watch it ASAP if you don't have HBO. I'm hoping HBO will be kind and realize that people should have a chance to see this. It made me angry to watch it though I wasn't surprised. The country was bought and paid for a long time ago. [BSEG]

Hacking Democracy on Google Video

10/26: Exterminate all Candy

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09/18: Awesome, Your Government and Tax Dollars at Work

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The Diebold voting machines have been sick, sad joke on Democracy. Question authority.

“Hotel Minibar” Keys Open Diebold Voting Machines

06/02: Too True - Penny Arcade

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06/01: Ubuntu 6 Released

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They've been saying it's a much more polished version, even suitable for corporate adoption. The Long Term Support (LTS) is a step in the right direction but I'm waiting until my download and install are done to see what it's really like. Version 5 was really nice and is my home Linux desktop of choice, hopefully this will start a trend.

04/12: Signs that You are a Geek

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You have profiles popping up on nerdpiles everywhere...

Like the International Game Developers Association and even their Wiki site.

Yeah, and I cheesed out and signed up at as well.

03/14: Porc'ing your Proc

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Just ran across an article on the Linux /proc filesystem, it's a good intro with some useful information.

Check it out here.

03/03: Microsoft Everyday Lies

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"You may continue to use your computer while these updates are applied in the background."


Maybe if your crap update system wasn't stealing the window focus every 5 seconds I could. Nobody actually tests this stuff, do they?

02/27: Handy Document Conversions, Online

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Someone sent me a Microsoft Publisher file this weekend and I don't have Publisher so I tried to find an input filter for OpenOffice or a conversion program and couldn't find anything. I thought I was SOL until I ran across this website:

I wouldn't recommend using it for something very private or that otherwise needs to remain secure but it might be handy to have sitting in a bookmark...

02/21: Kevin Smith and Superman

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Just a quick link to a really funny story by Kevin Smith about almost writing a new Superman movie. Kevin Smith directed Clerks, one of my favorite movies of all time. I'd say more but it's so much funnier to let the story unravel itself.

Here's the link.

02/17: ...Or maybe it's just iNewton?

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There's speculation that Apple is building a tablet PC.

Here's the Register's take.

Personally, I'm hoping that the Intel switch means we're going to see an ultralight laptop. The 12" PowerBook is pretty sweet and I'd love to have one (don't get me wrong) but I'd love to see a really slim/small/light unit running OS X that I can take with me anywhere... Something that would fit in a small bag and was rugged enough to toss in a backpack without much thought. In my ideal world it would be somewhere between these:

The Toshiba Libretto U100

The Sony Vaio TX series

And this type of thing:

I already own an older PowerBook G4 15" and I love it. It's my main day-to-day browsing and e-mail machine. I just move it around the house wherever I need it using my wireless network. Safari and the Mail application are nice but I prefer to stay cross-platorm with my browser and e-mail so I use Firefox and Thunderbird. This way I can have the same bookmarks, address book, and other settings on my Windows box at work (ugh.) and my Linux machines around the house.

My only problem with it is that I would love to always have it with me but it's still a pain to drag around all day and I don't like just shoving it into my backpack, especially if I'm going to the gym or something. It would have to share space with my shoes and get bounced around. If it were smaller, I could put it in one of the smaller outside pockets and spare it the beating. Better yet, we'll get to that point soon where monitors and input devices are "dumb" backplanes that you just walk up to with your keychain-sized CPU unit on which all your data and OS are stored. ;)

02/12: Thanks for Playing...

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I thought I was paranoid but everything's okay.

02/11: Fun with HL2 Physics

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One of many out there...

Rube Goldberg machine made with Valve Source Engine.

01/17: Makin' the Magic Happen

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