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11/09: Site Moved

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This is really just a test message. I wish it were something more but it's not. I just moved web hosts and am using cPanel for the first time. I did an eval on it a few years ago as part of a job looking for a hosting platform for someone but it wasn't nearly what it is now. What it is now is bizzaroland if you're used to vanilla Linux. =)

I think things are settling in now. I've managed to figure out most of the issues with moving a non-cPanel created site into cPanel but the Gallery is totally busted. That doesn't *look* like cPanel's fault however. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

02/09: Tell me again that 30 Rock isn't funny?

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Why Alec Baldwin Won A Golden Globe VideoSift

02/02: All Glory to the Hypnotoad!

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Futurama returning to TV, on Comedy Central in 2008. It feels so far away but it is named Futurama...

Interview with Matt Groening

David X. Cohen interview

01/16: Bumper Cars

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I grew up in Buffalo, so it kind of cracks me up when I see people freaking out about three inches of snow in the Northwest. I mean, I used to jump off the roof of the garage and do flips into the snow in my back yard it was so deep. Yet, we would still have school and be able to drive. Then I realized the difference... inclines.

Why even a bit of snow is evil in the Northwest...

01/15: Question...

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Can American car makers be car makers and not creative oil-burners? As symbols of ingenuity, creativity, and engineering - are they lost?

01/13: You Gotta Love Live National Television

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Girl wearing "FUCK DA EAGLES" shirt on NFL on Fox

Thank god you can't see a boob.