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07/11: Sunday, 11 July, 1999 14:10 PST

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Just had a lovely vacation, got back to the east coast to see family and friends. It was pretty funny to hear the guys I went to high school with who I haven't seen in years talking about Quake 2, Unreal, Half-Life and stuff. People thought I was a freak for playing so many computer games back in the old days. It's amazing to me how popular the whole online gaming thing has become.

I was happy to see that our Weapons Factory server was awarded "official" status by the WF developers. I latched on to this mod long ago and have watched it grow through many versions, good and not so good =). The WF team has always been very responsive and I believe they have the "good of the game" in mind through all of their work. Often times I have emailed them with observations, requests, and bugs and I almost always get a response unlike many "black hole" dev teams out there. Mod authors take note that this type of thing gets you a long way toward getting your work hosted on servers. It speaks volumes about the team writing the mod and their vision for it.

Some of you who play WF may have noticed that I've removed all the class limits from the server. I was getting really sick of the whining and debating over how many engineers, snipers, and gunners should be allowed in the game. I know the result will probably be LPB cable modem snipers dominating maps, engineers forming "turtles" in their flag rooms, and gunners just generally pissing everyone off but I think it's up to the players and the WF team to make sure that gameplay is balanced and fun. There will always be assholes and no amount of coding, baby sitting, or spanking will completely stop them. Only not playing with them will. Of course, if I catch anyone really being an abusive dickhead I will do whatever I can to kick and ban them. And, no, I don't always log on as "Rhomboid" so beware evildoers >8) I'm watching for you.

I will be doing some upgrades on the WF server and the Unreal RealCTF server this week. I just got a pair of nifty Intel High Performance Processor-Assisted Server Network Interface Cards which I'll be installing first chance I get. These cards are designed to offload network functions from the system CPU to an onboard processor. This won't be so much of an issue with the WF server as it only peaks at about 45% processor usage during the biggest, craziest games but should help the Unreal server quite a bit. The cards are designed to optimize packet flow especially when dealing with lots of little packets like the UDP used by most Internet games.

Keep those frags a comin'


06/17: Thursday, 17 June, 1999 21:36 PST

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I was playing a lot of Infiltration, a new Mod for Unreal, today. It's great fun and very promising but a bit rife with problems. After one brief session with the Mod a few nights ago I was wanting to set up a server but at second sortie there are so many holes in the game I think I'm going to wait for the next revision.

The format of the game is simple and effective. One team is defending a Data CD which is located somewhere within their own base, a'la CTF or other typical object-goal based team game. The attacking team has the task of stealing the Data CD and returning it to their laptop computer somewhere on their turf. It's simple, easy to learn, and offers a bunch of new weapons and some powerups that are very well done for the most part. I say "most part" because there are some very minor problems with the weapons involving just a few missed sound events or firing animations (sometimes I couldn't see if I was even shooting and the enemy would just keel over without so much as a peep from my gun.) None of these weapon problems really digs a hole in the gameplay too deeply.

If this was the only problem I'd be announcing my server right now =). Come inside, won't you...

When a map starts, if either team is empty the game is "suspended." The team with players is put into an "observer" mode until someone joins the opposing force. When you're in this observer mode you're still able to manipulate the game world more or less. You can still pick up weapons and even the Data CD while in this mode as well as deploy proximity mines and claymores. If you pick up the CD during this time you will be credited with a capture when the game starts out of observer mode. Bang! The attackers are winning without a single shot fired. If you were feeling particularly nasty it appears that you could fly over and put a claymore by the enemy spawn area and pop it off when someone joins the other team. I was afraid to try and really disappoint myself =/ but I did verify that you can plant mines and blow them off in observer mode.

Next off, if anyone joins a game in progress the map resets the players to their spawn points. POOF! This is ANNOYING with a capital 'A' like in "AAAAARRRRGH!" to say the least. Also, if you're on the attacking team and happen to grab the CD right before someone joins you're saved the trip back to the attacking team's laptop and you pop up, CD in hand, mere game feet from your goal. Can I have a collective YEEECCCH! from the peanut gallery? I won't come out and say explicitly how a team could really take advantage of this. Unfortunately, I'm sure it's far too obvious for the average Llama anyway. I think I was playing one tonight or maybe it was just coincidence that he was getting dropped whenever his team got the CD for a few minutes there... 8-B (Duh.)

One of the worst weaknesses so far is in the design of a couple of the maps. If I can figure out the names of the two I'm explicitly thinking of I'll add them here later. Generally, there are some serious balance problems with a couple of the layouts. CTF-style maps actually don't work well at all for Infiltration, IMHO. The layout of the typical CTF map severely favors the offense. It's bad. The maps that work best give the defense a phat [with a ph], ballsy fortress and offer the offense the surroundings outside including some nice nooks and crannies to work with.

One of the maps had a horribly designed lift to get to the CD where if you stood at the wrong angle to the lift and to either side you would be instantly gibbed. The lift would also disappear from beneath the player's feet from time to time causing one to drop instantly to the ground below to wait for the next cycle, possibly repeating the process. I don't know if this was the engine possibly but all the other lifts are nice and smooth. The defense has a horrible advantage on this one map, they can just stand in that back area near the lift and pick off any number of attackers struggling with this Hellevator.

I do have to say that the things that work about Infiltration really work. There is some very serious potential with this Mod to go bigtime and be one of the more popular Mods for any first-person game. Infiltration is absolutely fun without any doubt but could become a real big drag very fast if the Llamas start exploiting the holes. I'm reminded of a line from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, something to the tune of "The weasels were closing in..."

I'm very interested in running an Infiltration server but I'm hoping there's a patch or two in the works. I think I've been spoiled by the downright professional-style release of RealCTF, a 1.0 that didn't smack of .5 beta or the like. In the meantime I'll be playing Infiltration and having a blast whilst wary of the Llama. Ph34r th3ir l337n355! 


06/13: Sunday, 13 June, 1999 13:54 PST

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Windows 98 SE, or "Second Edition" - DON'T DO IT!!

I'm still recovering, this is my third attempt doing a clean install in a week. I'm really starting to see a trend: Windows is actually getting worse with each new version. The new version is riddled with mysterious errors, hardware gremlins, mysterious lockups, slower startups and shutdowns, the list goes on as the days progress. My favorite error so far is one that makes Windows mysteriously decide that .exe files are not valid Win32 apps if you try to double-click on them. What a joke... Seriously, I would go well out of your way to avoid this puckerfest.

The Quake 2 Jailbreak server has been updated to run the Platinum Map pack. You can get the pack at it, unlike Win98 SE, is highly recommended. There is some sexy mapping in this sucker. These are not your average fullbright, "this is my first map, whadday think?" kind of BSP's. There is some truly inspired work here. If you're a JailBreak fan you have got to get these maps. The pack gets a unanimous "Saucy!" from the peanut gallery review.

I'll be updating the Weapons Factory server to the most recent server version sometime today.


05/21: Friday, 21 May, 1999 1:24 PST

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Now that is a serious lapse in updates =). Well, actually what I've been doing is making all my server-related updates in the Announcements section of our discussion forum. I've decided to reserve this space for my own reviews, speculative musings, and general spew.

I upgraded the Unreal RealCTF server to version 2.24 from 2.20. Some people have said that they don't see a real difference in the versions. From a normal player standpoint I guess I'd have to agree. The real high point of the most recent, long-awaited patch is a pretty big jump in overall quality. The mod support is great! The ability to just double-click on the distribution file of an add-on and have it properly, painlessly installed is a genuine leap forward. The dedicated server is significantly more stable than any of the previous versions I've run, almost rock solid I could say. For the first time my Quake 2 Weapons Factory server has crashed more in a month than the Unreal RealCTF server. Also, many promised bug fixes (especially server related) came to fruition which is admirable to say the least.

Despite the fact that online play, when compared to that of Quake 2, is still not quite liquid smooth huge leaps and bounds have been made indeed. No longer do I find myself running down a hall and then all of a sudden in the far doorway or back where I started running from. In fact I'll find myself playing for a half hour or so between noticable moments of lag.

Kudos to Epic for truly supporting their product. Really, how often do you see a company busting their asses to make it happen like Tim Sweeney and squad. Compared to the paltry customer contact and MIA attitude of companies like Monolith and a few others Epic Games is worthy of respect and my repeated patronage for that matter. Oh yeah, I haven't waited in a Star Wars line yet but on the day Unreal Tournament comes out I'll be there, baby.

I like so many before me have tried the Quake 3 Arena demo. I was very unimpressed the first time I loaded it up. I know I might be publicly flogged for saying this but I immediately thought it looked a lot like Unreal, even the palette. As I started running around the map I came upon some new powerups and a jump pad. Okay here's where you'll want to slap me... my next impression was (I shit you not) "Mario Brothers." The spinning ammo packs with their garish design immediately whisked me to coin-op console-land. What had happened to that incredible movie I had seen months before showing off the translucent textures and mind blowing mirror effects? I actually deleted it off my hard drive after running around and trying a few weapons. By the way: the new railgun sucks. (Just had to get that in.)

Then... came the most recent LAN party I attended. On a lark a bunch of us installed Q3 and started up a deathmatch. Holy Shit! Q3 is fun! The moves, the physics, the jump pads, the pushers, the smokey rocket trails, and glassy-eyed slackjaw chucklefest gameplay. This thing rocks. I might be dating myself a bit but it reminds me of Rise of the Triad in all the good ways that comparison can possibly mean.

I have to explain the "Rise of the Triad" reference above. ROTT is the benchmark that I measure all multiplayer online action games against. DooM was fun but ROTT was like sugar-coated crack rocks to me when it hit the scene. I got about ten or so levels into the single player game and then I made the mistake of playing a serial cable head-to-head match with one of my roommates. It was all over, we and anyone else who showed up at the apartment for the next month were always playing. I'd wake up in the morning and find five guys taking turns on the two 486's in the living room, spanking each other silly with drunk missles (still the all-time King Shit deathmatch weapon, IMHO) heat seekers, and the original MP3 machine gun. Rockinfuckinroll! Hallelujah!

Quake 3 Arena is multiplayer from the ground up, no single player influence tying it down. I didn't realize the significance of this aspect when I first read of id's plans for Q3. All the development of this game has gone into making a great multiplayer experience and it has paid off in spades.

In addition to the rip-roaring good time one of my best memories is that ROTT had jump pads almost identical to those in Q3. ROTT was also fast and clean on the network even supporting 16 players which at the time was mind-blowing. Q3 is testimony to id's unparalleled net play programming skills. Even with the drudgery of all this technical wizardry, Q3 is a return to the fun early days of deathmatching. There are no attempts at real-world modeling, armies to command, classes to play, armor layouts to modify, endless key bindings, or questionable powerups. Q3 is just hot buttered mercury multiplayer mayhem the way it was meant to be.

So the way I look at it we're in for some high quality fun this summer in the FPS department. What I'm hoping is that Q3 is going to absolutely rule the Deathmatch scene while Unreal Tournament takes a whopping majority of the teamplay market. Two monster releases and a win/win situation for the gamer at large. The only thing I'll have left to look forward to is Duke Nukem 4-Ever and the Q3 based mods that are going to come about. Life is pretty good...


05/09: Sunday, 9 May, 1999 4:01 PST

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Due to popular demand "weapons stay" has been activated on the RealCTF server. I hear and understand your pain.

The server update to Unreal 2.24 will have to wait for tomorrow (actually later today) as I've got to physically drive the Unreal CD over to the server location to do the update.


05/08: Saturday, 8 May, 1999 19:41 PST

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WARNING: Sometime tonight, possibly tomorrow I'll be upgrading the RealCTF Unreal server to version 2.24. So go download it! =)

You can pick it up at these local links or from the RealCTF downloads page:

You'll also need Unreal 2.24 installed:


04/22: Thursday, 22 April, 1999 16:45 PST

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I've been playing quite a bit of RealCTF lately on the server and I've seen a lot of people complaining about team damage being on. Personally, I'm a firm believer in team damage being on. Why? Because then you actually have to use some kind of judgement in aiming and checking your fire, you can't just run around corners blindly lobbing rockets at anything that moves. There's some decision making going on, some skill involved.

Sigh. Unfortunately, there is a such thing as the llama. I speak of the players who have gone through the effort of downloading a new type of game only to play it like the same old one (DeathMatch) that they're used to. Why? WHY? The whole idea of playing a different game is to play a different game! I could go on and on about this but I won't. Anything I say will fly right over the heads of the llamas and is old fare to anyone who knows what I'm talking about. We know who you (the llamas) are but you don't know who you are, do you? You ignorant bastards...

So, to make a long, sad story short, Team Damage on the Unreal RealCTF server should now be off. Can you imagine if we checked for friend or foe by shooting each other in real life?


04/21: Wednesday, 21 April, 1999 18:00 PST

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My apologies to anyone that's tried to connect to the Weapons Factory server this afternoon. I've had to do a little bit of emergency maintenance on the server involving numerous reboots. I'm trying some new network settings to see if I can get rid of some of the packet loss on one of the servers on the same subnet. If things get choppier than usual for you let me know about it. Also, if things get better let me know too, I'm experimenting.

Weapons Factory 4.2 is due out very soon. I'll be upgrading the server to 4.2 within a day or so of the release or as soon as the server DLL is out. This time, barring unforseen circumstances of a heinous nature, I won't be going back to 3.3. The WF server has aquired a bit of a reputation as a haven for LPB cable-modem snipers to come and lay waste to any sense of fairness. I was a bit bugged to find that a few of the people who complained about the previous upgrade to 4.1 were just such lamers. The sniper was/is unbalanced in 3.3 and you'll never convince me otherwise. I used to play sniper so I'm not just blowing smoke.


04/19: Monday, 19 April, 1999 21:25 PST

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RealCTF is a blast. I got the server running this past weekend and it's been rockin' all day and night. RealCTF is a mod for Unreal that implements Capture the Flag much like similar mods for Quake/Quake 2. The difference is Unreal =).

One thing I've really noticed about the gameplay of RealCTF in general is that the pace is fast and energetic. It reminds me a lot of the early days of Quake CTF when everything was speedy and wild. People get fragged and bounced clear across the room, running really feels like running, the people are fresh and not spending half their keystrokes on shit-talking (of course this won't last long.) It's just plain fun!

The speed is one thing to take note of: After playing a few solid hours of RealCTF on Saturday, I went and played Quake 2. Instantly, I felt as though I was running in Jell-O. The pace is so much different, it really threw me for a loop. I felt like I was barely moving. Don't get me wrong, it was still smoother but it made me wonder if a lot of Quake 2's lag reduction is due to the slower movement speed. If you had 16 guys running around on Q2 CTF at the same perceived speed as in RealCTF would it still be *that* smooth? I'm not knocking ID or anything as Quake 2's 'net playability is still the reigning champ IMHO due to the always ground breaking code work of ID Software, especially John Carmack himself. I have to say that RealCTF made my Q2 for that day feel slow and tired, AHH! I'm scaring myself!

On the flip side, it's interesting to have a well-used Unreal server up for the first time. It's very educational. Where Quake 2 seems to hit some kind of internal limit before really maxing out the processor on a dedicated server, Unreal is not afraid to grab every MegaHert it can. (It's a word, really, now =)...) The present RealCTF server is a Dual-Processor P2 400 with 128MB RAM. RealCTF is set to run on one processor all it's own with a Quake 2 Gloom server on the other. It's 100Mb ethernet, switched all the way to multiple DS-3's and it's nowhere near saturated. The Gloom server with 14 people on it uses around 24% of the processor it's assigned to. RealCTF on the other hand actually hits 100% occasionally with only 5 or 6 people on it, usually hovering around 89-92% whether there are 4 people or 16 people. Based on what I'm seeing here and what I've read about Unreal's networking layer at the Unreal Technology Page I'm getting the idea that there are fundamental differences in the way that the engines are designed. Okay, I heard that group "No Duh!" but hear me out: Quake 2's networking seems to be designed with a "per-player" philosophy. As you add new players to the server, there's a proportional increase in the network bandwidth, processor usage, and memory use. Unreal seems to go about using everything it can for everyone. Imagine ID's Q2 server as individual cupcakes, everyone gets one and it's the same size. Unreal is like one big cake, it's always the same size cake (depending on the size of your oven [server]) no matter how many famished button-spankers show up for the pigout. Each person gets a piece of the total cake, leaving nothing. Unreal seems to say "I've got this many processor ticks in this second, I've got this many things to do, this many people to feed, let's take care of the most important stuff first and get what we can in before the next tick." There's a weighting scheme assigned to all the actions occurring in the Unreal world. Some things, like projectile movement, player motion, are very important - others like making fish swim in the water or decorations are not so important and are taken care of last.

Okay, I know, stop huffing the noodle fumes. I'm just fascinated by this stuff. Most of my comparison is based on theory and observation but that's mostly what I have when it comes to the Quake 2 engine. Tim Sweeney of Epic makes things a bit more accessible than ID at large does.

Enough rambling... go play RealCTF, it's cool!


04/11: Sunday, 11 April, 1999 15:22 PST

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Server moves and changes, oh my!

Hiya. The servers have undergone some adjustments lately with a few more on the way. I've physically moved the Weapons Factory server ( to a new 100Mb switch and onto a new subnet. Unfortunately, I had to change the IP address as many of you have noticed. The old address was on a server network with a commercial web server and a few other machines. It's good because I now have a block of IP's my own and won't have other people's boxes popping up next to mine in the middle of the night.

There's a placeholder Q2 server up at the old address that points people to the new one and references the home page. Hopefully everyone will find the new IP soon. I miss you guys =). The placeholder will probably be gone this week sometime so don't count on it, update your favorite server browser.

The Lithium II/Jailbreak server is next on my list for a beating. It's the only machine I have left with a 3Com 905 in it. Crappy, crappy cards. They are the bane of many top network engineers and violate some Ethernet RFC's along the way as well. My understanding is that they're great if they're plugged into 3Com switches, hubs, and routers but cause all kinds of errant traffic and problems on *real* networking hardware like that made by a little tiny company called "Cisco" - . The result is choppy performance especially with lots of little UDP packets and a really annoying habit of renegotiating at the network link level every 10 seconds or so making for some lovely dropped packets here and there. All of the other servers are now running on Intel Pro 100's or better and their port stats are shiny and golden compared to the thousands of framing and port errors on the 3Com.

This week I put up a Dual P2-400 Server in place of the old 233 at This is the machine running the Gloom and SiN CTF servers, well, when SiN is running. I've mostly been putting my time into working on the server itself more than the games on it as it has a destiny on the near horizon: As soon as Unreal Tournament hits the streets that box is going to be running a server. I've got it humming pretty smoothly at the moment so I'll probably at least get SiN CTF configured right for the time being. Gloom is already running on it for now. When UT comes out this machine might be devoted purely to it depending on the interest level so please don't hex my ass if Gloom and SiN CTF disappear.

I tried to get a Blood 2 server running but Monolith's server support for NT (or anything not Win 95/98) absolutely blows. Anyone who's ever complained about lag in Half-Life or Unreal obviously has not lived through trying to play Blood 2 or Shogo online. Ugh. Shogo's dedicated server actually runs *okay* under NT but Blood 2 is completely broken. For some reason it requires DirectX 5+ for the *dedicated* server. (Ummm...) Why this is not a problem for Shogo Monolith's meager tech support couldn't tell me. They hung some mumbo jumbo out about the code base branching off differently out to me. I think this was intended to slap "blink factor" on my ass, them hoping that I'd just not understand anything related to programming and accept it as a reasonable explanation. Are there any goofballs *truly* hosting popular game servers on Win9x out there? If so, stop huffing the Armor All and get back on that source tree 'lith. Graft those branches!


03/29: Monday, 29 March, 1999 21:44 PST

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Wow. Due to popular demand, the Weapons Factory server has been *down*graded to 3.3 again. A lot of people didn't want to play 4.1. I can understand especially from the admin point of view. 3.3 is far more stable and is smoother in the gameplay department. Ping times on the server went up an average of 60% for my test connections. Ick.

FAIR WARNING: When 4.2 comes out the server will again be upgraded. 4.2 promises a lot of features that should really aid in the administration of a WF server and at least looks worth the wait. If only something would have been done with the sniper pre-4.1, the 3.3 sniper is about the dumbest thing running (literally.)

Also, I just played a match where a whole team of 5 people were engineers. 5 sentries in the flag room on cancer1wf... need I say more? Yawn. 4.2's class limits should balance things out considerably.

I'm going to replace the Lithium II server with something else. Things might get a bit unpredictable on what is the L2 server now for a couple days as I try some new things. I'm personally just sick of running an almost straight DM server, everybody and their monkey has one of those.


03/27: Saturday, 27 March, 1999 14:09 PST

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I suck =). I took a bit of a vacation from maintaining the site(s) and the server(s) for about 3 weeks there. But I'm back! See!

Part of the reason that I haven't updated in so long was that we were planning to put up a whole new web server and it's just taken longer than expected. Things are progressing finally when we're not working too much (which is rare =\) and should come to a head very shortly. The new web server will have more space for hosting and FTP, a faster processor, more memory, a nifty black rack-mounted case, and be running FreeBSD instead of Win NT. Wheee! Administration will be so much easier and dependable. One of my FreeBSD servers just hit 114 days uptime and the only reason it was rebooted 114 days ago was to be powered down and put on a new UPS =). I've had much longer uptimes but when I look at my NT servers in comparison it makes me chuckle. FreeBSD Rocks!!

On the game server side of things, I finally upgraded to Weapons Factory 4.1 on the WF server ( from 3.3. I had been waiting for 4.2 to come along due to a nasty crash bug in 4.1 but it looks like there's some feature creep and extended testing going on over at Weapons Factory Software. The server may crash a bit more but I'm working on a workaround that I should have in place in a day or two. As far as I'm concerned, WF 3.4 (server version) is still the most physically stable version. It only crashed on me *maybe* once every two weeks or so and sometimes much longer. 4.1 seems to have almost daily dumps.

There are four new maps on the server as well: Zardoz4SE (for all who requested it =), Acid3, Chernobyl, and Kotmwf1 (King of the Mountain) which was a recent "Map of the Fortnight" at Weapons Factory Direct. I'll get the appropriate links updated on the server info page and maps listings this weekend sometime.



02/19: Friday, 19 February, 1999 2:05 PST

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The Upgrade on the SpaceMonster WF server is on hold for the time being. I upgraded one of my servers to 4.1 and a show-stopper bug has popped up. I've already been in touch with Weapons Factory Software who have verified that it is not just my server but a known issue. The guys at WFS are good at squashing these things so I expect they'll have it square soon enough. Until this happens though, the main WF server will continue to run WF 3.4.

I'm a little slow on the replies/updates but I'm down with a severe case of bronchitis so please be patient. I've received a lot of requests to run particular maps and mods recently and I'm reading them all but please don't get tizzy if I don't get right back to you. I'll play catch-up when I feel better.


02/03: Wednesday, 3 February, 1999 1:01 PST

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Work, illness, new games to play, and Real Life™ have conspired to take me away from working on the site and the servers. I'm back! The next month or two should be fun around here. We've got some cool changes coming up and new things brewing.

To those of you who have been emailing me about upgrading the SpaceMonster Weapons Factory server (fragmonkey) to 4.0: don't worry, it will be happening this week sometime. I'll be including a few of the 4.0 "standard" maps and featuring a couple of freelance ones. The freelance selection has matured considerably in the last couple months and people are actually downloading maps now instead of just whining about it. I guess *everyone* gets sick of the old maps eventually =).

Hey, check out Gloom it's pretty cool! It's kinda like CTF meets Starship Troopers or Aliens.


01/15: Friday, 15 January, 1999 19:17 PST

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I'm doing some work on the servers again. Tonight, the Lithium II server may be a little bit laggy early on in the evening as I back up the server and do some reconfiguration. It will go totally down for hopefully only a few hours at some point next week as I upgrade the OS. If I have enough advance warning myself (from myself =) I'll post an exact day/time here.

I've dropped the L-Fire CTF server for the time being due to complete lack of interest. I think only 5 people ever logged on to the thing. CTF servers (along with other team variations) are a dicey thing. The crowd tends to be a lot tighter and habitual in their server usage than DM'ers and once they find a server they tend to stick with it so bringing up a new CTF server won't draw a crowd necessarily.

The Chaos server all of a sudden started it's segmentation fault habit up again, leading me to believe that there must be something about the client causing the crashes, maybe related to overflows as they seem to coincide with server death quite often in the console log however not 100% of the time. It went for weeks without a problem and then all of a sudden started self-nuking again. My restart script was running about twice a day on it this week. Ick. So, I'm doing some general debugging and poking around with it and I'm not quite sure when it will be back up. It is most definitely the mod as other Q2 games on the same server NEVER crash. Since Chaos development has stopped I'm not sure how much longer I'll even continue to run a dedicated server for it anyway.

Well, don't take any nickel woodies,


01/06: Wednesday, 6 January, 1999 19:25 PST

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Actually, only the Chaos DM server will be down tonight and probably into tomorrow. I'm doing some fairly invasive things to the server config so I can't give an exact time, sorry for any inconvenience...



01/06: Wednesday, 6 January, 1999 15:00 PST

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Happy You Know...

Just a quick note: The Lithium II and Chaos DM servers will be down for a while today/tonight for some upgrades. They'll be back ASAP.